Lafayette Glass Doors & Custom Mirrors

Lafayette Glass Doors & Custom Mirrors


Contra Costa Plate and Mirror Co. has redefined what the word “custom” means to Lafayette. Previously, when you heard that word, dollar signs would immediately start dancing around in your head. As a family owned and operated business, we set out to change that standard all together.


Since 1983, we’ve delivered the highest quality of glass services at affordable prices. Each interaction is customized to match our clients, starting at the very beginning.


Generalized phone estimates aren’t the way we prefer to do business. Instead, our clients are treated to a complimentary onsite visit. We’ll take a trip to your residential or commercial property to determine all that’s needed to complete your job. From there, an expert glass specialist will give you a free estimate of what your services will cost.


As you progress through your interactions with us, you’ll feel a resounding appreciation for the term “custom”. We’ll take your plan or vision and deliver a project that’s tailored to suit your wants, needs, and budget.


Contra Costa Plate and Glass Co. is your full service solution for homeowners, business owners, landlords, and contractors. Regardless of the scale of your assignment, it’ll be completed with a keen sense of expertise and magnified attention to detail.


We custom fabric and manufacture windows or glass while handling every aspect of your repair, replacement, or installation. For more than 30 years, we’ve helped our neighbors fix that window that fell victim to a stray ball and renovate the design of their entire home.


Tell us your dream design and we’ll help you develop a solution that won’t shatter your budget. Contra Costa Plate and Glass Co. is family owned and operated. We completely understand the battle between everyday responsibilities and the desire to have the home of your dreams. If it were left up to us, no one would ever have to settle in order to be happy.


Our company views custom service with a meaning that runs a lot deeper than mere measurements. We’ll customize the complete design and aesthetic of your project to match your home or the look you’re trying to achieve. This includes a huge selection of styles, colors, and high quality custom solutions that are guaranteed to make your dreams come true.


This is more than an open promise. It’s something we’ve delivered to thousands of clients over the past few decades. Something we strive to continue to uphold while defending our family’s reputation.


Let us take care of your window, mirrors, skylights, furniture, patios, and modern shower doors. There’s no limit to what Contra Costa Plate and Glass Co. can do. Give us a call today to see how we can help you too.


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