Walnut Creek Shower Door & Enclosures

Walnut Creek Shower Door & Enclosures


Sleek, modern designs and clean lines are the norm when working with a glass specialist from Contra Costa Plate and Mirror Co. Our clients expect nothing but the best from us and we’ll settle on no less than perfection. It’s a dualistic partnership that’s been thriving for the last 30 years.


The Walnut Creek community has been counting on us to deliver impeccable glass services since 1983 and we’ve been honored to deliver it to them. As a local, family owned business, many are surprised to witness the level of professionalism they experience when working with our business. Contra Costa Plate and Mirror Co. is a trusted glass contractor in both the residential and commercial sectors of our community.


We’ll help you design custom glass furniture, remodel the glass mirrors throughout your home, and design a custom modern shower glass door. Have a broken window? Give us a call. Looking for a trusted name to install the glass for the storefront of your business? Contra Costa Plate and Mirror Co. will be right there.


All of our clients receive a free on-site estimate with absolutely zero obligation attached to it.


We’d prefer to let our quality of service be the deciding factor in securing your business. You can read customer reviews for yourself or judge us by the initial interaction you have with one of our expert glass specialists.


Our entire process is extremely transparent. When we come look at your home or business, we access everything we’ll need to do in order to exceed your expectations. Have you seen a photo in a magazine and only dreamed that your space could be remotely similar? Contra Costa Plate and Mirror Co. is here to make your dreams come true.


We can create your own custom interpretation of any glass or mirror design you can think of. Custom railings, mirrored closets, skylights, shower enclosures, and patio doors will all be executed with an unmatched level of quality and workmanship.


Thousands of customers from all backgrounds have trusted our company with their needs. We’ve completed an infinite amount of work on residential and commercial properties. Of all of our assignments, we really appreciate our loyal clients that continue to grow with our business.


Because complete customer satisfaction is our primary concern, we know that the clients who continue to contact us for ongoing projects truly appreciate the passion and attention to detail we put into our work.


We’d love to add your name to that ever-expanding list. Contact us today to schedule your free onsite estimate.